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FatCat: Stress Intensity Factors From TSA Data


William J. R. Christian, Francisco A. Diaz, John R. Yates and Eann Patterson (“the authors”) have designed and developed fatigue crack analysis software from thermoelastic data known as FATCAT (“the program”).  This program is available for non-profit  organizations to use for teaching and research subject to agreement of the following conditions:

(1)any person or organization (“ the user”) downloading the program is granted a non-exclusive, non-assignable, non-transferable license without rights to sublicense to use the program;

(2) any publication arising from the use of the software contains an acknowledgement that the software was obtained from this website and a citation to the following article: Diaz, F.A., Patterson, E.A, Tomlinson, R.A. and Yates, J.R. (2004) ‘Measuring stress intensity factors during fatigue crack growth using thermoelasticity’, Fatigue Fract. Engng Mater. Struct. 27, 571-584;

(3) the user agrees that  the authors,  their sponsors and their employers accept no responsibility for the operation of the program or for the correctness of the results obtained from it and no legal liability in contract tort or otherwise shall attend to the authors, their sponsors or their employers arising out of the use of the program.  It is further agreed that in the event of the user being sued by a third party in an action arising out of this agreement, the user will indemnify the authors, their sponsors and their employers in respect of any damages or costs incurred in such action;

(4) the authors accept no responsibility to provide maintenance, advisory support, corrections, enhancements, updates or improvements; and

(5) the software is used in connection with a legally obtained copy of the MatLab program.

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