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FatCat:  Stress Intensity Factors From TSA Data


The installer for FatCat 3 can be dowloaded from this page. An internet connection is required during the installation so that the installer can download the MATLAB Runtime environment, a Matlab license is not required to run FatCat. FatCat can be used with data obtained with the DeltaVision software supplied by Stressphotonics Inc, as well as to process thermoelastic data contained in .csv files. The installation file can be downloaded using the link below.




Download FatCat 3




FATCAT 2.3 can still be downloaded from this page. The installation file for FATCAT 2.3 can be downloaded using the link below.




Download FATCAT 2.3







Don’t forget to cite: DIAZ, F.A., PATTERSON, E.A, TOMLINSON, R.A. and YATES, J.R. (2004) ‘Measuring stress intensity factors during fatigue crack growth using thermoelasticity’, Fatigue Fract. Engng Mater. Struct. 27, 571-584.